Anyone can be a saver.

You can open a Maryland College Investment Plan Account for all the important people in your life. You can even use it to save for your own education.

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New and Expectant Parents

Start planning now for your child’s future education.
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Help your grandchild soar by saving for future education.
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Friends and Family

It takes a village—give a gift they’ll never outgrow.
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Financial Professionals

Help your clients save for future education.
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Help your employees save for future education.
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K-12 Savers

Save for K-12 education* with a College Investment Plan.

Distributions from 529 college savings plans for elementary or secondary education tuition expenses are federally and Maryland State tax-free. Outside of Maryland, state tax treatment will vary and could include state income taxes assessed, the recapture of taxes for previously subtracted amounts from state taxable income, and/or state-level penalties. You should consult with a tax or legal professional for additional information.