Saving now can help make a big difference later.

Give your child a head start on their college savings. It’s never too late to start saving for your child’s college, but the earlier you start, the better.

Every contribution can add up. The more you are able to save today, means the less you may have to borrow tomorrow. Investing $200 per month when your child is born could add up to $77,066 in total savings at the start of college. Even if you are not able to contribute $200 a month now, every little bit you are able to save helps. The full sticker price of college can be daunting but saving what you can when you can, will help you get closer to your education savings goal.

This chart shows the potential growth of contributing different amounts monthly over time.

Saving chart shows the potential growth

Chart assumes a hypothetical 6% rate of return compounded monthly and monthly contributions made at the end of each month. This chart is for illustrative purposes and does not represent the return of any specific investment options. Investment returns in a college savings plan will vary and may be higher or lower than this example. This illustration does not include Fees and any Fees assessed by the investment offering could have an impact on returns.