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Welcome to our State

Did you know the Maryland 529 plans are the only plans to offer Maryland taxpayers an annual Maryland State income subtraction on contributions of up to $2,500 per Account, or per Beneficiary, depending on the plan you choose?

If you have a 529 account in another state, we can help you roll it over.

Rollovers are accepted from other Qualified Tuition Programs (including the Maryland Prepaid College Trust) that meet the IRS definition. Before you initiate the rollover process, we recommend contacting the current 529 provider/manager to verify the funds are eligible for a rollover to the Maryland College Investment Plan and what their requirements are for processing a rollover. Federal law limits rollovers between Qualified Tuition Programs in a rolling 12-month period to one per beneficiary. Once you have confirmed your funds are eligible for a rollover, open your Maryland College Investment Plan Account and complete the rollover form linked below.

Roll over to the Maryland College Investment Plan