Give A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

Give A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

Gifts can be made in two ways. Contribute to an existing account, or open your own account.

A college education is one gift that never stops giving. And it’s a gift anyone can give. So, put it on your family’s wish list!

Friends and family can choose to make a gift contribution to an existing account or they can choose to open their own account for the gift recipient. With both options, they can take advantage of the potential Maryland State income deduction by contributing to the Maryland 529 plans.

Account Holders

Make it easy for relatives and friends to contribute to your child’s account. Select the appropriate Gift Contribution Slip below, complete sections 1–3 and either e-mail or mail the entire slip to the contributor.

Gift Givers

Download the desired Gift Contribution Slip, get the necessary information for sections 1-3 from the account holder, and mail the completed slip along with your gift contribution to the address indicated on the slip. You can also download a certificate to announce your gift to the recipient.