Choose one that’s right for you.

Every person is different, and so is every investment goal. That’s why the Maryland College Investment Plan has a variety of investment options.

Choose from our two different investment approaches.

Enrollment-Based Portfolios

Enrollment-Based Portfolios change automatically as the target year is approached. Portfolios with a longer time horizon emphasize stock mutual funds for their growth potential, and then shift to an emphasis on bond investments as the enrollment year is approached.

Enrollment-Based Portfolio images

Fixed Portfolios

Make your own investment decisions. Choose from ten portfolios that invest in stock, bond, and/or money market mutual funds. Portfolios with greater allocations to stock funds generally carry higher risk and the opportunity for higher returns, while portfolios with more bond and money market funds generally offer less risk and lower return potential. Unlike Enrollment-Based Portfolios, Fixed Portfolios do not change their investment mix over time.

Fixed Portfolio image

For more information about our investment options view recent performance or download our
Plan Disclosure Statement.