New Online Account Access

Register for Online Access

The new online account experience is now live.

Already have a T. Rowe Price user name and password? There’s no need to register for online access. After the upgrade, just log in with your existing T. Rowe Price user name and password, and your Maryland College Investment Plan Account will be displayed along with your other T. Rowe Price accounts.

Only have a Maryland College Investment Plan login? If you only have a Maryland College Investment Plan account and no other T. Rowe Price accounts, the user name and password that you have been using to log in to your colleges savings plan Account will no longer work.

Here's how to register in five easy steps:

  1. Click the account login button at the top right corner of this page. Click on Maryland College Investment Plan. When you see the message  below, click "Register for Online Access."

  2. Register. Here is what you need:

    • New account number (You should have received your new account number in the mail, if you have not received your new account number please call 1.888.4MD.GRAD, option 1.)
    • First and last name
    • Social security number
    • Date of birth
    • Email address
    • ZIP code

    Please note: Your account number(s) can be found on your Maryland College Investment Plan statement dated on or later than June 30, 2017. You only need to enter one account number. If your account number starts with a zero or multiple zeros, enter your account number without leading zeros. Example: 00099999999 Enter: 99999999

  3. Create a new username and password

    Connecting your Maryland Prepaid College Trust Account: If you participate in both Maryland 529 plans, you can add your Maryland Prepaid College Trust Account to your online Account Center. This allows you to access your latest account information quickly and easily in one place.

  4. Review your account details

  5. Explore the new features

    See how we’re upgrading and expanding your online Account experience so you can manage your Maryland College Investment Plan Account faster and more efficiently.

    Paperless Statements

    Keep informed, stay organized, and help the environment. Instead of receiving statements by mail, you can sign up to receive email notices when you have a statement available to view online.

    Online Distributions

    Effortlessly distribute funds from your Account to your bank or by check to the named Account Holder or Beneficiary online. To distribute funds to an educational institution, call 888-4MD-GRAD, option 1, for assistance. You may also request a distribution by completing a Distribution Request Form found at

    Online Exchanges 

    Quickly and easily transfer assets online from one portfolio to another. You’ll have the ability to make exchanges for the same Beneficiary up to two times per calendar year.

    GoTuitionSM Gifting Portal

    An online gifting tool in which an Account Holder creates a gifting profile for their Beneficiary that can be shared with friends and family and enables you to receive gifts directly to your Beneficiary’s Maryland College Investment Plan Account.