MPCT Conversion FAQs

New Update! Account Access is Now Available.

The transition of program management services to Intuition College Savings Solutions, LLC. for the Prepaid College Trust is complete. All current and new Account Holders will need to regsiter and set up their online Account. Click here to start the process or dowload the Registration Guide which provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your online Account.


Maryland 529 is excited to announce our new partnership with Intuition College Savings Solutions, LLC (“Intuition”) as Program Manager. Intuition College Savings Solutions has extensive 529 administration experience and provides program management services for nearly half of the remaining Prepaid Plans across the country.

While many other states have chosen to close their Prepaid Plans, the Maryland 529 Board remains committed to Maryland residents and families in providing opportunities to save and pay for higher educational expenses. The transition of operations to Intuition, in the 4th quarter of 2021, will provide current and new MPCT Account Holders best in class services and enhanced features that will improve Account management and Account Holder experiences, including real-time enrollment, electronic Account statements, digital benefits distributions, and soon-to-come electronic payments for distributions. Additionally, the Trust will no longer charge an enrollment Fee for all new enrollments that are opened online.