The 2022-2023 Enrollment Period is now open.

Prepaid Plan

The Maryland Prepaid College Trust (also referred to as the Prepaid College Trust or Trust) helps you save to cover the costs of Tuition and Mandatory Fees. Your payments are pooled with those of our other Account Holders and invested in accordance with our Comprehensive Investment Plan to fund your future Benefit payments. By devoting a fixed lump sum amount or selecting monthly or annual payments, you're taking a step to put your college savings goals within reach, by securing the price of future Tuition today!

The Prepaid College Trust has a lot of other great benefits for Maryland 529 plan participants.

Flexibility - Purchase one semester up to four years of college. Choose from different Tuition plan and payment options that can be changed at nearly any time.

Peace of Mind - It’s backed by a Maryland Legislative Guarantee.

Unique Tax Benefits - You may be eligible for federal and Maryland State tax benefits.

Enrollment Age Options - Open to 12th graders or younger, including newborns.

Earnings are tax-free when used for Qualified Higher Education Expenses.*

Learn more about the Prepaid College Trust’s Features & Benefits.

Earnings on a distribution not used for qualified expenses may be subject to income taxes and a 10% federal penalty. State tax laws and  treatment may vary. Please check with your state or a tax professional regarding the specific tax rules for your state.

Is this plan right for you? Find out.

The Prepaid College Trust offers a range of flexible Tuition plans and payment options. Choose from:


University Plan (1 semester - 4 years)

Community College Plan (1-2 years)

Two Plus Two Plan (2 years at Community College and 2 years at a four-year college)


Lump Sum


5-Year Monthly

Extended Monthly

You may also make a down payment at any time and either pay your contract ahead or refinance for a lower monthly payment for the remainder of your payment schedule.

Learn more about the Trust's Tuition plans and payment options.