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Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Use our 529 calculators, 529 plan comparison tools, and more.

Choosing a college savings plan is a big decision. Our college planning tools can help you decide!

Use our 529 savings calculator and our 529 plan comparison tools to explore how much you may need to save and how each plan can help you prepare for future college expenses.


Watch a short video to better understand our plans.


Infographics show you how to maximize your State income deduction and how saving compares to borrowing when thinking about your child's higher education.

Prepaid College Trust Tuition Plans and Payment Options

Click here to review the Tuition Plans and Payment Options for the Maryland Prepaid College Trust.  

College Cost Calculator

Find out the future cost of college expenses and estimate how much you will need to save in order to stay on track with your college savings goals.

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Advantage of Starting to Save Early

See how saving now can help make a big difference later. Learn more.


Whether you are new to Maryland 529 or a current Account Holder, you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions here.