Learn More About Our 529 Plans With Our Webinar

Learn More About Our 529 Plans With Our Webinar

Get an interactive overview of our Plans.

Want to get more details about Maryland 529? Our Intro to College Savings webinar offers a quick and interactive way to learn more about Maryland 529. We will walk you through the plans, explaining the ins-and-outs of both the Prepaid College Trust and College Investment Plan. You’ll get the information you need, plus have the chance to ask detailed questions at the end.

Our Distributions and Benefits webinar is designed for account holders in our college savings plans and are ready to use their plan to help pay for college. If you have a beneficiary who is about to enter college, in college or are just a few years away from entering college please join us to learn more.

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Topic Date & Time                                                        
Intro to College Savings Webinar Tuesday, September 24, 12 pm                            

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