Give the Gift of Education

How To Give To An Existing Account


Conveniently Gift Online with the GoTuition® gifting portal by asking the Maryland College Investment Plan Account Holder to send you a link to the gift recipient’s profile. The gift submittal process is simple and easy to follow.


Download a Gift Contribution Form below, get the necessary information for sections 1-3 from the Account Holder, and mail the completed Gift Contribution Form along with your check to the address indicated on the Gift Contribution Form to contribute to an existing Maryland College Investment Plan or Maryland Prepaid College Trust Account.


Another Gifting Option to consider is to Open an Account for the gift recipient. Learn More about the Maryland College Investment Plan.

Payment Calculator
Did you know making a gift to a Maryland 529 Account offers a unique Maryland State income subtraction?

Maryland taxpayers are eligible for an annual Maryland State income subtraction on contributions of up to $2,500 per Account, or per Beneficiary, depending on what plan you choose - even if it's not your own.

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Account Holders

Maryland College Investment Plan

It takes a village to send a child to college. Enroll in the GoTuition® gifting portal today. This free, online tool makes it easy for you to ask friends and family to contribute to your child’s College Investment Plan Account in lieu of gifts for traditional celebrations like graduations, holidays, and birthdays. It’s convenient and rewarding for gift givers too ­– giving them an opportunity to give a gift that will last a lifetime: the gift of education.

The GoTuition® gifting portal lets you:

Create a customized profile page with a personalized welcome message and photo.

Share your page with friends and family via email and social channels, text the link, or include the link on evites and printed invitations.

Easily maintain and update information through the dashboard.

Update your gifting profile based on birthdays, milestones, and to show off new school photos.

Automatically track gifts received.

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Setting Up Your GoTuition® Gifting Portal

Log in to your Account today to enroll, or view our GoTuition Guide for detailed information.


Gift Contribution Forms

Friends and Relatives: Download and print a Gift Contribution Form to contribute to your loved one’s 529 Account via mail.

Parents: Make it easy for friends and relatives to contribute to your child’s Account. Just complete sections 1–3 of the Gift Contribution Form and email the form to friends and relatives (contributors). Or print out the form, fill it in, and mail the entire form to the contributor.


Gift Cards

Download and print a gift card to notify your loved one of your gift contribution.