MPCT Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions should be read in conjunction with and are limited by the full Enrollment Kit. Many terms used in this section are defined in the Enrollment Kit.

Payments & Payment Options

Tuition Benefits

What are my minimum tuition benefits?

Minimum benefits are defined as payments you make under the contract plus a reasonable rate of return. This rate is equal to a monthly rate of return of a U.S. Government Security with a constant maturity of one year minus 1.2%, but will never be less than zero. This rate has been zero since October 2008.

If tuition at an eligible institution is less than the minimum benefit, you may use the difference to pay for other qualified education expenses such as room and board and books.

Each November, following the payment of fall semester benefits, you can access the minimum benefits on our website.

Tax Benefits

Account Termination, Transfer and Refund

Account Services & Changes