Thank you for your interest. The 2023 application period is now closed. The 2024 application period will open January 1, 2024.

Save4College State Contribution Program

You could be eligible for a $250 or $500 State contribution with a College Investment Plan Account. It’s easy to apply with the online application.

How do I apply?


Simply log in to your Maryland College Investment Plan Account and select Apply Now to get started. You can also download and print an application.

Need to open a Maryland College Investment
Plan (MCIP) Account to apply?

Note: Be sure to complete the Program’s eligibility requirements. In accordance with the Maryland Code, the Maryland 529 Board is required to verify the income level you provided. Please see additional details below.

How does it work?


Saving for college is a challenge for many families. The State of Maryland and Maryland 529 want to help make it easier for your child’s dream of attending college to come true. The Save4College State Contribution Program is designed to help lower to middle-income families in Maryland save money for higher education. Your savings can be used at nearly any public, private, or technical college nationwide—and even international universities that have a federal school code—for qualified eligible education expenses such as tuition, fees, room and board, etc.

To be eligible, the following requirements must be met:

Account Holder must:

Be a Maryland resident

Be at least 18 years old

Have adjusted gross income that does not exceed $112,500 as an individual or $175,000 as a married couple filing jointly (based on the previous taxable year)

If filing taxes in Maryland, file taxes by July 15

The July 15 deadline is regardless of other tax-deadline extensions that may be available in Maryland

This does not revise the normal State deadline of April 15

Have not received $9,000 in prior State contributions

Make the minimum contribution to the applied-for Account(s) no later than November 1

Beneficiary must:

Be a Maryland resident

Be under the age of 26 years in the calendar year before the Account Holder submits an application

Example: For the 2023 application year, the Beneficiary is eligible if they are 25 years old or younger on December 31, 2022

General requirements:

The Maryland College Investment Plan Account for which you apply must have been opened after December 31, 2016

Only 1 application per Account Holder/Beneficiary relationship can be submitted

A Beneficiary may only receive 2 State contributions in any year

All applications must be submitted by 11:59 pm on May 31

Maryland Adjusted Gross Income

Individual Joint Minimum Contribution State Contribution
$49,999 or less $74,999 or less $25 $500
$50,000 - $87,499 $75,000 - $124,999 $100 $500
$87,500 - $112,500 $125,000 - $175,000 $250 $250

The Save4College State Contribution Program is subject to changes by the Maryland General Assembly. If legislation is passed that would affect the current application period, updates will be posted here.

Your Save4College State Contribution Program application is tied to the specific Account number for which you applied; therefore your application will NOT be automatically updated when you request a Beneficiary Change, Portfolio Change, or Distribution after submitting an application. It is important to note that Portfolio Changes and Beneficiary Changes produce a new Account number. If you request a Beneficiary Change, Portfolio Change or Distribution and wish to change the Account that will receive the State contribution, please contact us at 888.4MD.GRAD (463.4723), Option 1.


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